The Saddleback CreativeChurch Arts Conference offered a number of creative, interactive, and immersive experiences and performances. Most of these could be replicated in your context, as well!

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Personal Retreat Time

This year’s CreativeChurch Arts Conference included retreat time built into the schedule. In addition to benefiting from inspiring main sessions and practical workshops attendees had times to connect with God, roam beautiful the grounds, connect with their tribe, or just generally relax and recharge. Guided retreat and reflection materials were available.

The Vessels Experience

Through the art of a dancer, a storyteller, a songwriter, and a painter, Vessels Experience explores the relationship of brokenness, transcendence, and calling. The performance offered a vibrant vision of a life that strips away false ideologies and embraces true identity.

The Encounter Room

In The Encounter Room attendees experience several forms of interactive arts ministry. Lives were changed!

Illumine Playback Theater

Brianna Kinsman and her troupe, Illumine, offered powerful improvisational theatre performance that responds to, “plays back,” and interprets prayers and experiences from audience members.

Jerome Gastaldi Large Scale Interactive Painting

Over the conference, acclaimed painter Jerome Gastaldi designed and led us in contributing to a large scale interactive painting.

The Treasur(ish) Hunt Experience

Innovative artist Kathryn Ervin led us in a whimsical Treasur(ish) Hunt, part scavenger hunt, community art making experience, dinner, and a musical performance.  

Journey with Jesus

Journey with Jesus, is an interactive art installation and outdoor trail on the Rancho Capistrano grounds. This trail of 15 mosaics allowed attendess to consider the path Jesus took to the Cross. Starting with the anointing of Jesus and moving all the way through to his resurrection, each art piece will display the visual story of Christ’s journey to the cross.

Tour the Saddleback Visual Arts Studio

There we a few optional tours of the Saddleback Visual Arts Studio!

Early Morning Holy Yoga

Some watched the sun rise over the California hills while stretching and worshiping. Mornings  before breakfast.

Black Bowl Communion

The Communion of the Black Bowl was a 90 minute experimental sacred communion service, Friday night after the Main Session. 

that sought to meaningfully integrate 3 elements:

1) Aesthetic and cultural aspects of the 16th century Japanese tea ceremony and the use of raku ceramic ware.

2) Early western Christian theological symbolism for the color black.

3) The Saddleback Church’s sense of Purpose Driven community, hospitality and servitude.

Conference Video Recordings Now Available by Year and Topic!