Main Sessions

1. “Doing Arts Ministry:The SVA Story”–Jason Leith +Vessels Experience–Session 1
2. “The Empowered Artist”–Theresa Dedmon–Session 2
3. “What Creative Kingdom Collaboration Looks Like”–Luke McElroy–Session 3
4. “What’s In Your Hand?: Artists & the Church”–Rick Warren–Session 4
5. “Artists Activate the Imagination of the Church”–J. Scott McElroy–Session 6


6. “Spiritual Impact of Spatial Design”–Mel McGowan
7. “Creating/Running an Art Gallery in Your Church”–Marianne Lettieri
8. “Lifecyle of an Arts Ministry”–Jessie Nilo
9. “Power of Story in the Creative Process”–Sarah Cruz/Clayton Heilman
10. “Listening to God in Your Creativity”–J. Scott McElroy

11. “Conversation on Dance in the Church”–Marlita Hill, Saara Taina
12. “Get Weird: Why Your Best Work is Behind You”–CJ Cassiotta
13. “Pracitcal Resources & Tips for Your Arts Ministry”–Jason Leith
14. “Cultivating a Healthy Creative Team”–John Cassetto
15. “Panel: Graphic Design and the Church”–Saddleback Design Team
16. “Overcoming Discouragement & Burnout Panel”
17. “Working w/ Church Leadership to Establish an Arts Ministry”
18. “Immersive Sacred Space and Projection Mapping”–Luke McElroy
19. “Taking Creative Risks to Gain Freedom”–Theresa Dedmon
20. “Interactive Arts in Community”–Steven Homestead

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